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  • Elizabeth Vazquez

Bloom Where You're Planted

I am a sucker for personal discovery. I know my Myers-Briggs type (INFJ), my Enneagram number, (9), my color (blue), and my habit tendency (obliger). From what I have read, I am what is known as a "social introvert". I can fake being a people-person really well. But, too much of that and I need time to recover. Quiet, peaceful moments of reflection are the only thing that gets me back on track. I am taking one of those moments right now, because today, I was a brave girl.

We've been in our new home only a week and I am still unpacking. I knew if I got too comfortable in my own little world, I would never get out and meet anyone. So, I turned to social media and browsed all the events coming up in the area. I kept coming back to the St. Mary's County Art Council's "Welcome Wednesdays Lunch Social" in nearby Leonardtown. Bring your lunch, chat, share your art. Ok. I didn't have any art to share, but I love art and I dabble in many different mediums and artists are some of my favorite people. Click, interested. I packed up my lunch and off I went before I could overthink it. Voila! Three new friends! It's like magic!

My next stop was, of course, the library. I had already scoured the library system's site, so I knew where to look for jobs within the library and how to apply. But, I pretended I didn't. I asked the girl who checked out my books about applying for jobs and we chatted for a bit as she showed me the website's job link. After I told her about my experience, she said, "Oh! Let me give you the sub coordinator's direct email. Once you get in as a sub, you are pretty much guaranteed a position once there is an opening." Score! If I hadn't spoken to her, I would never have known that!

It was HARD to do all that. It's hard to put yourself out there, especially when you are used to having a tight circle of reliable and lovely friends and family around you. But, I have always been a person who believes you make do with what you have, and what I have right now, is time, energy and the desire for connection. I have been planted in the wilds of Maryland. (ok,Target is five minutes away) and I intend to BLOOM!

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